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Knowles Performance Engines specializes in dirt circle track engine building.  As experienced professionals we will provide you with comprehensive treatment and the understanding you need to be on top of your game. While many may not realize; there is a lot of high-technology science and discipline involved in building circle track engines. By having one of our engines you can take lead of your race and give the competition a though run. Using the expert techniques we can build, assemble and repair a top of the line circle track engine.

100% In House Machine Service  

• Engine Balancing

• Blue Printing

• Block Boring

• Torque Plate Honing

• Align Hone Mains

• Correct Lifter Bore

• Square Decks

• Resize Rods

• Hone Pin Bushings

• Multi-Angle Valve Jobs

• Flat or Angle Mill

• Bronze Guides

• Mag Na Flux

• Pressure Test

• CC Heads

• Crank Grinding

• Surface Fly Wheels

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